Srinivas Saripalli

Srinivas Saripalli approaches his role as Founder & Director of Xstream Agile Technologies with a deep passion for people and relationships. His high-level priorities include ensuring that we are adhering to our core values, confirming that we are taking continual steps to achieve our vision, and building a community that people wont to be a part of.

As the chief evangelist and founder of Xstream Agile, it is Srinivos’s goal to enable organizations to bring humanity to the transformation workplaces and to help create environments where people can pursue and achieve their passions.

Prior to his entrepreneur journey with Xstream Agile, Srinivas Saripalli has been into quality assurance of processes with exposure to complex and large transformational deals . He has a passion for learning & teaching.

Marrying his passion for Leadership Coaching & agile methodology, he was an early pioneer in the development of consulting practices around agile portfolio management. He loves the broadness in his role at Xstream Agile, which enables him to interact with all areas of the business and to keep in touch with our ever expanding community throughout the country and around the world.

Srinivas had a career in Agile Facilitation, Agile Maturity Assessment, Process Quality, Quality Consulting, Model Facilitation in CMMI & ISO, harmonisation of the processes along with handling quality operations of the customers including consulting in Hi-tech, Retail, Media and Publishing of EUROPE, North America & ROW regions.

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