What We Do

Xstream Agile’s Transformation Services help businesses face increasing competition and the threat of market disruption fueled by advances of the digital age.

Being an Agile business goes beyond technology delivery, permeating organizational structures, processes, leadership styles, governance, and product and service innovation. We help companies—from C-suite to individual teams—establish and mature capabilities to deliver fast and responsively, adapt their organizational structure and culture, innovate and disrupt markets, and become learning organizations.

Mastering Business Agility

Business Agility enables organizations to innovate and deliver more effectively than ever—turning market disruption to competitive advantage, while thriving in complex environments.

Business Agility Relies On Building Four Essential Capabilities:

  • Delivery Agility

    Deliver fast and resposively to cutomer and market needs with higher quality

  • Product Innovation

    Innovate and disrupt the market through continuous optimization of products, services and business models to maximize market share.

  • Organizational Adaptability

    Shift organization and culture through innovation, learing and adoption of new structures and processes that reduce bureaucracy

  • Leadership Effectiveness

    Grow Agile leaders to champion their vision and commitment, creating a culture of continous learning and evolution.

Your Business Agility Journey

We're continuously innovating to help organizations fast track their may to business agility through our coaching, advisory, learning and implementation services across the domains below. Our approach is designed to help an organization start their transformation journey and develop business agility capabilities at their own pace.


Devops Transformation
Agile Transformation
Digital Transformation
  • Devops Transformation

    Align your Development and operation teams to optimize quality delivery by bringing Lean principles and practices and automation together with advanced technologies and tools.

  • Agile Transformation

    Enable and implement delivey functions acroos your organization-both business and IT-to adopt an optimal mix of Lean principles and practices and to foster engagement and Collaboration.

  • Digital Transformation

    Maximize inovation and busines performance by making technology a fundamental part of business.

Business Agility Transformation

While most transformation agencies focus on agile, we focus on whole of business transformation.

We accelerate your journey towards true business agility by enabling every individual, team, function, department and business unit to be part of the revolution. We work with and touch on all parts of your organisation because Business Agility isn’t about agile… it’s about survival.

While we are passionate Agilists, we are much more passionate about helping our clients become dynamic resilient, customer centric and purpose driven organisations.

If innovation, adaptability, and speed-to-market are key competitive differentiators in your industry, Enterprise Business Agility needs to be a core focus for your organisation.

We use Business Agility models because it provides guidance on how to:
  • Transform the whole of their organisation (not just their projects)
  • Transform the whole of their organisation (not just their projects)
  • Build targeted and transparent transformation plans to iteratively close gaps in current capabilities
  • Articulate and align strategic priorities across your business and connect them through delivery
  • Provide increased transparency and visibility to improve data driven decision making
  • Provide increased transparency and visibility to improve data driven decision making

We Provide Everything You Need

  • Transformation Academy
  • Metrics to prove Transformational Outcomes
  • Connecting Startegy to Delivery

When you choose to use XSTREAM AGILE TECHNOLOGIES as your Transformation partner, you get everything you need to land your transformation. All inclued in the price!Our full-stack transformation service include:

  • Transformation Strategy & Design.
  • Tranformation Leadership & Coaching.
  • Implementation Roadmaps.
  • Capbility Uplift.
  • Business Operating Models.
  • Organisation Design & Structures.
  • Strategy & Finance Implementation.
  • Project Methodologies & Frameworks.
  • Delivery Playbooks.
  • Role & Responsibilities & Capability Matrix.
  • Change Management Strategies and Plans.
  • Transformation Backlogs
  • Tranformation Health Checks to prove your success and identify gaps.

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