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This story began in the Summer of 2019.

Large enterprise customers were moving from traditional development software models to Agile and Scaled Agile Frameworks implementations and a lot of RFP’s were being floated as outsourcing deals.

Ask from the customers were very specific – to drive Business Agility from the outsourced contract deals and drive in change in the Organizational Culture to delivery more value to their end customers.

However, what the customers did not understand that change in organizational culture is the last attribute of any business agility nor driving business agility is a short-term exercise. It is a long road. It starts from the mindset of the leaders, empathy towards the teams, a culture of openness and decentralized decision making, inculcating the empiricism values – all of which have to the ethos.

Customers were willing to put the mid to lower team members/ people in trainings and after 2-3 days of it…. they expected magic in getting the value flow delivered.

Automation & DevOps was another elephant in the room. People were ready to buy the tools and deploy but have not taken time to see whether it can be harmonized with the existing or the new ways of working.

The market was flooded training institutes and DevOps courses but there is no one who can go to the customer and say-STOP THIS. THIS IS NOT HOW AGILE OR SCRUM WORKS OR IS INTENDED TO WORK.

No one wants the dirty work of telling this to the customer, especially true in cases of outsourced deals as the focus is on margins both for the vendor and for the customer.

With all of these market conditions and deafening silence of the customer, Srinivas was restless. He wanted to do so something for the customers in general, defying the pseudo agile implementations. Withholding the spirit of SCRUM guide and the agile manifesto principles is something he wanted to live by it.

August 2020, he opened up to his family about doing what feels right despite obstacles that you to do otherwise. It turned out that others shared a desire to be courageous too.

He was not sure where to start. With restlessness, he resigned from his flourishing corporate IT career in September 2020.

Stepping into the wild alone and walking away from flourishing career opportunities required him to BE BOLD and it was an extreme step.


Great consulting isn’t enough to attract and hold attention.

Anyone who makes a living as an agile enthusiast today will tell you that Driving Business Agility has to be made up of strategic ingredients. It has to connect with your target audience and inspire action to deliver value.

There are a number of small and big corporate companies, out there focussed on trainings & consulting (independently and jointly), with deep pockets for marketing, heavy budgets for large sales teams stitching a story to deliver a business benefit for the customer in request for proposal stage and request for information stages of the competitive bidding. Everyone wants to have a piece of the same pie with delivery estimations and then sales discounts, upfront X% revenue discount for the next 3-4 years.

What is lost in this entire journey is the customer’s REQUIREMENT of DRIVING BUSINESS AGILITY and DELIVERING VALUE to the END CUSTOMER.
Srinivas wanted to operate in this VALUE ZONE where the focus is on driving BUSINESS AGILITY. He conceptualized of creating a startup -A COMPANY with a legal recognition – this led to the birth of XSTREAM AGILE TECHNOLOGIES (OPC) Private Limited.

Why OPC (One Person Company)?- There was no one with him at that time who can share his pain and commitment for the cause of agility. OPC just mean there is only one DIRECTOR for the company limited by shares and that was enough for him to have his COMPANY a legal recognition. He said to himself, BE BRAVE and take the plunge, and as a true agilest, one shall learn from the daily failures and pivot himself without mercy.


Xstream Agile Technologies (OPC) Private Limited – founder Srinivas Saripalli has built this business with customer centricity at its core. Xstream Agile is a simple one man company as it started. It is a bootstrap entrepreneurial company with good figures in monthly revenue thanks to useful content, exceptional consulting and leadership coaching services.

No advertising. No venture capital. No outbound sales team.
Just $1,000 in seed cash and a whole lot of time and effort spent teaching others deliver business value and drive business agility that works. Every consulting service that we’ve released was conceived from the practical, real-world needs we see every day in our audience.

But our mission has never changed: We’re here to help you create the kind of audience-focused content that helps you reach your business agility goals and delivery value.

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